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Global Commodity Analytics & Consulting LLC Services

  • Brokerage Services*:  Full-Service Brokerage Hedge Clients Clients. There is no minimum balance to open a hedge account at this time (provided good credit rating).
    • Plus, we offer competitive brokerage rates for volume/commercial clients.
    • While our analysis and recommendations are geared-toward bona-fide hedgers, if you are a speculator and have interest in opening an account, please call us for a one-on-one consultation.


  • 2017 Cash-Only Consulting Services*:  Flat fee-based per bushel consulting service with no brokerage account needing to be opened if that is the wish of the client. This is only open to Bona-Fide Hedge Clients.
    • .045 Cents/Bu.  50,000 Bu. or More During a calendar year
    • .065 Cents/Bu.  20,000 - 49,999 Bu.
    • .085 Cents/Bu.  5,000 - 19,999 Bu.

  • New for 2018 Marketing Year (Taking-On Clients As of Sep. 1, 2017):  Limited Power of Attorney On Cash-Only Consulting--I will "Pull The Trigger" For You. Call for pricing and legal specifics: 866 471-2588
  • Annual Subscription Services:   New Levels of Subscription Service For September!
    • $175/Year for Weekly Global Monitor Newsletter w/Hedge Recommendations Only   ($225/Year To Be Mailed)
    • $300/Year for Daily Eamils Including Audio Commentary + Weekly Global Monitor Newsletter w/Hedge Recommendations. You will receive at least five updates in a 7-day week.
    • $375/Year for Daily Emails Including Audio Commentary + Weekly Global Monitor Newsletter w/Hedge Recommendations + Full Access to password-protected Web Videos & Research.
    • $475/Year for Daily Emails Including Audio + Weekly Global Monitor + Web Access + Text Message Alerts "Voice Blasts" on Hedge Recommendations.
    • Remember: All Subscription Services come Free of Charge for Cash-Only & Brokerage Clients. 

  • STRATEGIC Planning Sessions. Let me guide you and your employees/family members through the process of strategic planning for your operation/company, with a 6 hour seminar designed to introduce you to this powerful concept in your business. Call Mike for More Details:  866 471-2588.
* Brokerage and Consulting Services are identical in terms of level of service to Hedge Clients by GCAC. Both services include: (1) Initial risk management consultation and assessment based upon each individual's needs (such as storage capacity, crop insurance level, basis levels, etc.). At this stage, GCAC and Hedge Client also agree to initial hedge price levels and quantity to hedge for the first increment, and whether the hedge will be done by cash and/or futures. (2) An Excel Spreadsheet is set-up by GCAC, which will track hedge levels of each commodity along with price sold, and what type of contract was implemented. Data that we keep in this spreadsheet is only as good as what the client provides, so we request that copies of sales to elevators be made accessible to GCAC, in order to assure more accuracy. (3) NEW IN 2017: Both Brokerage and Consulting Services include unlimited toll-free access by phone, VOICE-BLASTS on recommendations, as well as all research provided by the website--including all that is described in the highest level of subscription services.
* Legal Notice:  The use of GCAC LLC instead of Global Commodity Anlaytics & Consulting LLC is used for purposes of shortening this copy; there is no legal entity associated with Global Commodity Analysis & Consulting LLC such as GCAC LLC. 

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Account Information

If you would like to open an account, please click the Straits Financial Link below and either download/print account forms, fill them out, and mail them in; or you can open an account online. Please do not hesitate in asking our help in either format. Our toll-free number is 866 471-2588.