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November 2017 IMF Discussion On Commodity Cycle--Good Roundtable Analysis From Top Economists



Global Commodity Analytics & Consulting LLC has a clear & timely vision on its analysis,
and recommendations made to its clients.
  • Mike's "Undervalue"/"Overvalue" Analysis Helps Provide Clarity in the analysis provided to our clients.
  • Clients See In Real-Time These Value Levels On Historic Charts, like the one seen above.
  • We Also Strive Hard to provide real-time options analytics at no extra cost to clients: 
  • Improved options recommendations is our goal at Global Commodity Analytics & Consulting LLC.
  • An example of real-time options analytics can be seen in the chart below.
  • You can also see first-hand the seasonality of specific contracts, and how they are trading compared with analogous years.
  • Global Commodity Analytics also has in-depth access to Cash Basis Charting
       for most major domestic and global locations for grains & oilseeds.
  • As you can see by these charts, our name is Global Commodity Analytics & Consulting LLC for a reason!
  • And this is just a small portion the information you will have access to by being a paid subscriber or client. 


 To have lucid, well-researched analysis is only half the battle in commodity marketing and investing. In order to capitalize upon this analysis, the analyst needs to communicate in a timely manner the recommendations to the clients. With this in mind, Global Comm. has formulated the White Paper in order for current as well as prospective clients to view the methodology behind its analysis and recommendations. However, Global Comm. has also invested its resources to better communicate both its analysis as well as its recommendations to clients, using technologically-advanced media.

  • Becoming a client of Global Commodity Analytics therefore puts you only one or two clicks away from both timely analysis and timely recommendations. In today's environment of Risk Management, time is of the essence.
And Communication Is Key! Through Audio, Video, & Written Anlaysis, Clients & Top-Level Subscribers Receive Independent Research In A Timely Fashion
Starting In 2017, Clients Now Also Receive "Text Blast Hedge Recommendations" via text message on their cell phone
--When targets are hit, clients know almost immediately. Global Commodity Analytics & Consulting LLC Values Its Clients Time.