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10/26/17:  Much More New Information Coming Soon! Stay Tuned This Week...
9/18/17:  Update On China & North Korea--As Related To Commodities & The Commodity Sector

* Video Above:  Very good information from our USTR--listen to the above discussion regarding China being a violator of trade; the commentary starts at 27:30 related to this. Remember as you listen, Amb. Lighthizer is the same person who is in charge of renegotiating NAFTA for the U.S. currently.

* Video Below:  Fresh Military Drills between China & Russia--as well as between the U.S. & South Korea--are going on now along or near the North Korean border.

* I've also added new articles related to the situation in SE Asia--including China, North Korea, and the New Silk Road: you can find these directly below.




Key Articles Added The Week of October 23rd:

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Click Here To View China's New Political Leadersship

Click Here To View Article Describing President Xi Style Since Party Congress


Other Important Articles & Graphics Related To The SE Asia Current Events/Geo-Politics--From Earlier In The Year

Click Here To What China Thinks U.S. Duty

Click Here To Read An Asian Viewpoint On Actual War w/North Korea

Click Here To Read a Forbes Article On Chinas Silk-Road

Click Here To Read How China "Blasted" the US On North Korea





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