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WELCOME to Global Commodity Analytics & Consulting LLC 

Building upon the tradition and analysis of "Overvalue" and "Undervalue" Commodity and Financial Price Analysis, Global Commodity Analtyics has been established to both improve and better communicate our value level analysis to our clients and subscribers.
      After 20 years as a Registered Commodities Representative, my goal now is to utilize some of the key aspects of what I've seen and integrate that into the analysis, with the intention of being able to better manage risk for the client.   Oftentimes it seems, analysts make the poor decision to follow only the technical aspects of commodity prices, leaving the fundamentals behind. It appears to me that this trend has increased over the past 10 years, and that's one of the major distinctions of how Global Commodity Analytics & Consulting LLC is different than many other firms.
This website has been developed to allow current as well as prospective clients & subscribers to better understand the analytical framwork of Global Commodity Analytics & Consulting LLC, so that when you've finished looking at the site, you will have a better understanding of what I think sets this company apart from others in a positive and meaningful way. From my experiences, the hallmark of the most successful people in business has been their desire to constantly strive to improve. 

Analysis, Integrity, a Strong Work Ethic, and the Effective Communication of Recommendations are the Four Cornerstones to
Global Commodity Analytics & Consulting LLC
 --Mike Zuzolo, President 

Mike, President of Global Commodity Analytics & Consulting LLC

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